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The Safety Group, LLC. is committed to providing a safe working environment for your employees, contractors, site visitors, and the public at large. Job Site Safety is one of the most important items we deal with on a day-to-day basis. The most crucial element of Job Site Safety is awareness. The purpose of following policies and procedures are to provide for each individuals safety and to make all parties aware of your organizations obligations to local, state, and federal agencies.

Using sound judgment and common sense, our Full Time Safety Professional will analyze the work tasks and stop any activities that present imminent danger situations until proper discussions and corrective measures have taken place to protect the workers. Additionally, they will provide constructive feedback to appropriate supervision for non-imminent dangers and non-compliant matters. It is certain that additional hazards will arise during the course of the project. Our Safety Professional will use a Job Safety Analysis Process (JSA) to assist in the mitigation of these hazards.

Our Safety Professional will perform at least one weekly documented walkthrough of the entire site but will evaluate the safety of the work at all times. Positive acts and behaviors will be recognized while suggestions for non-compliant issues will be addressed immediately.

Your customer representatives will have access to all job specific documentation collected by our Safety Representative.

Assistance for specific hazard controls would include, but are not limited to:

Improving your company’s safety performance can reduce your insurance costs, experience modification rates, production time and above all, ensure the well-being of your employees. It starts with a detailed company specific written safety program. It also takes a commitment to employee training and giving your employees the tools and knowledge they need to stay safe. But how do you know whether your safety program is actually working and where do you turn for the most effective safety information?

It’s easy – turn to The Safety Group. The Safety Group understands your unique safety needs and how to create and maintain a successful safety program for your company. The Safety Group’s safety consulting services support your safety efforts by:

The Safety Group has key individuals on staff with the requisite safety and management expertise to conduct the following Safety Consulting Services: